Chantel Boeger is a brothel operator and Police Officer in Stamford, CT USA


Chantel Boeger operates a brothel known as Respire Float, LLC out of her home in Stamford, CT USA with her husband Sean Boeger, a Stamford Police Officer and Vietnam Vet. They probably sell drugs out of their house and could offer deviant sexual favors for money. HmThez also operated an unlicensed coating business for years with no engineering background – these coatings are potentially dangerous and have been used in places like swimming pools and industrial coatings. They have not been tested in hot and cold environments. Sean and his alter ego Chantel use their police powers to quash anyone who enjoys a heated pool and likes to swin to relieve stress and back pain.

They also are violent extremists with ties to communist regimes like the USSR and Chinese Communist Party. Sean and Chantel may know several undercover covert Chinese Communist Party „spies“ who work for the NYPD and NYS Police, indeed several of their officers have been indicted by the Feds for being an unregistered foreign agent and Chinese spy. Also, they are political extremists breaking into, seizing, and burning down homes of residents who do not support the Communist party. Sean and his wife Chantel have been investigated for and cited for stealing 9-11 codes abusing his position of trust again and again and using these codes to harass residents especially the elderly. They also advocate for the violent overthrow of the United States Constitution and should not be trusted by any means!!!!!!

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