Charity Hope Simmons Visalia, California California


In 2006, We were very comfortable since my husband was a state correctional officer. He had me stop working full time so that I could stay take care of our sick asthmatic son. We argued about the fact that I didn’t want to stay home all day, so I came to a compromise and I started working part time for the school district and still be home to take care of our son. My soon to be ex-husband and I met the homewrecker at our son’s city football city league. We didn’t know her from any of the other football parents. Yet, one day out of the blue she comes and asks if her son can spend the night with our boys. So, we figured why not? Our boys aren’t going anywhere and if she leaves him with just anyone what kind of a mom is she. So, the next day she comes over to pick him up and starts going through our home like she knew had known us forever. Everything that came out of her mouth was”oh, I love your house, your furniture, your wedding ring, etc.” When she left I told my ex I don’t trust her I don’t ever want her around us ever again. He thought it I was over reacting. Over the next few months I noticed he started hiding his phone. I noticed she was online only when I left the house. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he said I was being crazy. || In January 2007, for my birthday my ex took me to Vegas for my birthday. All of a sudden she called him out of nowhere and says”I’m on my way to Vegas” I remember my ex telling me what she was doing and that she wished me a happy birthday. || On Superbowl Sunday 2007, he wanted to go to a friend’s party. I was upset, but whatever, he said it was just the guys and he left. That night my boys were sleeping when I received a call from him. He said he wasn’t feeling well and needed me to pick him up. I asked him where he was he said at his friends (my son’s godfather’s house) so I said it’s just the guys right? He answered”yes” so I told him to sleep it off because the boys were asleep. Come to find out that it wasn’t just the guys. The whore and her friends were there. The whore decided to take my ex with her that night and they had sex. The story I got from him was that she drove him to her house; he waited in the car while she went inside, and then she drove him to an undisclosed location. He states he doesn’t remember where they went because he was drunk out of his mind. Yet, apparently that night she got pregnant. || The next few months were a living hell. She would call and hang up using her house phone and cell phone. I had all of the phone numbers changed numerous times. Somehow, she always ended up with the numbers. I know it was him, although he always denied it. During Memorial Day weekend we always went to Vegas for the ex’s baseball tournament. Well, that weekend she blew up all the phones. I knew it was her not matter how many times she blocked her number. Finally, since I worked for Internal Affairs for the probation department back then for one county and she was a probation officer in a different county I knew the code the officers had to follow. So, I called her chief. The chief had the Internal Affairs officer contact me. Later on, the IA officer called and wanted to speak to my ex. Of course, the ex-took the phone and locked himself in the room. I knew why, but I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. The ex comes out of the room and tells me everything. He tells me that the whore was pregnant and since he is a correctional officer the IA officer told him he had to tell me the truth. I told him that if he wanted her I would leave. He cried and said she was a mistake. I knew things would get worse especially if there was a child involved and he had a good job. He begged and said he would never see her again. I called her and told her to leave us alone and told her he didn’t want anything to do with her especially after he had just finished telling her that. She would just reply”whatever!” As psycho as she was I knew this wouldn’t be the end. || I scheduled us an appointemnt to see a lawyer so he could write up an agreement for this unborn child. We would have visitation and we would provide monthly support and insurance. She refused to sign it and would only discuss it if he would see her. Well, that didn’t go very well. He ended up taking our son with him and apparently he got worse while at her house because her house was filthy and her adopted mom smoked like a train. So, he ended up in the hospital again, this time with collapsed lungs and we spent almost 2weeks in the hospital while he recuperated. I ended up missing a lot of work because of that. My ex refused to stay at the hospital with him because he had to work and he hated hospitals. After the baby was born the whore took us to court for child support. The court awarded us more time with (our) son. My ex did not take care of his son. He would always hand him over. I fed, diapered, put him to sleep, took care of him. She was furious and would call CPS and the PD making false allegations. ALL of the investigations were unfounded and since I worked for CPS a few years back I was able to call my old boss and so she was flagged for making false reports. She wasn’t satisfied with what she received so she continued to take us back almost every other month. Needless to say, we were broke. My ex’s attorney bills were over $60,000, we were paying $1,500 her a few month old child, and I had to stop working completely to take care of our son. I had already cared for his son for 2 years so I figured he would be fine I needed to take care of my boys. || In 2009, my son’s health was not any better I think it was the stress of this whole ordeal that made it worse. His doctor told me that if I wanted him to get better I had to get him closer to the water. So, I picked up my family and moved. My ex was still part of our family so he decided to commute and stay with his mom a few days a week until his transfer was approved. Long story short, his transfer was approved. He would bring his son to visit. His son called me”mommy wawa” because we lived by the water. At this point was in my 2nd year of studying to become a teacher even through all the stress. I thought once he transferred things would get better well they didn’t. I noticed on the cell phone bills she would call him on his way to work and on his way back. To make a long story short she was sending my boys pictures of him and her through facebook. I went to PD and had all of it documented since she did it during school hours. I told him that if he continued to have inappropriate contact with her we were done. I understood that there was a son involved so yes they needed to talk, but not for the amount of time they were talking. He would say the phone company was wrong. || All of this sent me into a deep depression and I had to start seeking therapy in March 2010. This whore knew what he was doing. For a long time I would say that it was her, but after many years of therapy it wasn’t just her it was both of them. She even went as far as creating a false email and sent me a picture of my bedroom. I was livid. I filed for divorce in June 2010. He went willingly, but came back a few times because she had assaulted him, but he continued to talk to her. He tried going to my counseling appointment one day and my therapist kicked his ass out after a few sentences. She told me he was full of shit. She was right! He told me to file and he would cooperate with the attorney and not fight. That was 3 years ago. He had fought everything, has refused to pay his court ordered support, and has illegally removed me from the insurance. He has caused my legal bills to sky rocket and my case is at a standstill until I pay off the balance. || The ex-filed a restraining order on her because of the numerous assaults, she broke into his car and switched out court orders, and harassment, but yet my boys tell me how she’s always around. She has called CPS in my new county and made up false allegations. She has also created a false email account, downloaded some things from my Facebook, and sent them to herself and then sent them to my ex telling him I am harassing her. Two weeks ago she just finished spending a mini vacation because she wanted to celebrate my son’s birthday. My ex told my boys not to tell me. It took a week, but they came out and told me. I am so glad he is no longer a part of me, but it’s apparent she is still psycho! || They can both say what they want because apparently this whole thing is my fault in the eyes of his family, but I have all the sad I’m so sorry letters from him to prove otherwise! || || >

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