Charles Thomas Hill Nashville Tennessee


Complaint: In 2004 my husband moved into a neighborhood across the street from Charles. He befriended myself and my husband. He made us aware of a business adventure he was persuing that was guaranteed to make millions of dollars. The project was called Deep Blue. He encouraged my husband to invest in this business venture that he promised was going to rock the medical world. My husband not only invested large amounts of money, but quit his job and went to work for Charles. The business venture was a total sham and we almost lost everything we had. Charles tries to appear to be the big business man who thinks he is smarter, more qualifed, and special. When pushed to provide re-payment, he is consistently awaiting a “big deal”” to close. He will promise it is only a matter of time. Do not believe this. He is nothing other than a modern day snake oil salesman out to take your hard earned money that he is unwilling to work for legally. He has a pattern of filing bankruptcy after his delusions of big business deals never pan out. He is a very deranged man who even believes his own lies. He has destroyed his life and family. Do not let yourself be his next victim.”

Tags: Business Opportunity Scam, Fraud- Automotive, Medical, Multi Level Marketing, Ripoff- Internet, Wire Fraud

Address: Nashville, Tennessee United States


Phone: 6152021554

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