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I found a corgi online thru The seller was Charlotte Gothard from Dayton, TN. I contacted her via text to ask a few questions and how to get a hold on a puppy. She explained that I would need to get a cashiers check or money order, take a picture and send it to her. She would hold the puppy and when she received the check she would remove the listing. | After discussing with my husband we decided to move forward in purchasing a puppy so the next day I sent her a text to make sure no one else had reserved the puppy we wanted. She confirmed he was available. So I complied with what she required. I ordered a cashier’s check from my bank which is online and sent her the confirmation. | Then a week after I sent my check to her I touched base to see if she had received it. This was the response I received: “I’m going to send it back. You said that you had one in the mail before and I didn’t get it. | So I lost a sale by waiting on you. I Dont want your money and you’re not going to get my dog!” | I was completely confused by this and called her thinking for sure she had me confused with someone else as I had sent the check exactly when I said I had. She proceeded to be very rude and combative on the phone insisting she “lost a sale” because of me. I don’t understand how she thought she lost a sale when I was the sale. Delusional I guess. | After we hung up the texts commenced becasuse I was still very upset over this whole process. I told her I would write a nice review for her on puppyfind (I did but apparently sellers can have those removed at their request…Doesn’t really help the buyer). She then called me back, yelling and threatening me about writing a review of her. | She apparently wanted the check overnighted to her. Direct quote from text “Knock yourself out. If you wanted it that bad you should have overnighted the check. Thats what most of my smart clients do that really want them.” There was no communication whatsoever regarding a timeline on when she got the check. | After this altercation, I called my husband crying hysterically. He decided to call her and try to get to the bottom of it. It was a very strange conversation where she alternated between saying, no we cannot have the dog to, “Oh I still have these other puppies available. Maybe I can hold on to them until they are adults and sell them for more money.” It was very strange and I did not understand why she would say these things. | Bottom line, if you want to be treated poorly and possibly have a puppy ripped away from you then charlotte gothard is the breeder for you. If not, I would look elsewhere. It has now been almost 2 months since this incident and I have not seen this check returned. So, she stole my money and I have no puppy to show for it.

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