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charter warranty autosave,andrew fraudulent company that never intends on honoring there contract. farmington hills Michigan!!. Autosave-charter warranty is the most fraudulent company i have ever seen the attorney generals office should aresst every won that works there and shut every place they have down. my engine started banging real hard so i pulled over imediately when i opened the hood the radiator had a crack in it and the engine would not start any more so i called a tow truck and had it taken to the dealership were i bought it. the service advisor said that he had to call charter warranty when he did a man named andrew told him to tare down the motor so he could look at it well after a week of waiting he finally came to look at it all he did is take picthers and take notes he took three more days to call me back and all he said is mr williams your valve seals are wore out there not coverd under your contract so were not paying it and then hung up that was it. In my contract my vavles and valve springs are covered why are not the valve seals covered they are part of the valves thats why they call them valve seals they just wanted to find the one thing that fails alot and picked that andrew was the biggest p***k i have ever met not only did they not pay for my repair on my engine they did not pay the $570.00 for taring down the engine to look at it and put it back together so now before i can have my jeep back i have to pay for it when they told the dealership to tare it down in the first place. this company is only in business to rip people off when you here how they talk to you when your the customer. when i bought the warranty alls they keep on telling me how great this coverage is you have nothing to worry about you have complete coverage you bought the best warranty any one could buy I have never been treated this way or talked to like this by a warranty company in my life i filed with the attorney generals office and better business bureau and with all the other complaints i have read you would think that they would finally do something to this company and the people that work there im going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow i hope somebody will help me im a very sick person i have alot of medical problems and i need my jeep so i can get to my doctors and my wife can get to the hospital when i have to go there to be with me all’s i can say is i hope they will shut them down.

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