Chase Bank Grant-Valkaria Florida Review


Chase Bank has a new scam to rip off unsuspecting innocent customers. If you deposit money into their bank, and you pay them to guard your money, they can just mysteriously allow it to vanish, and blame you, the account holder for the missing funds. This is a great scam, they can literally take every penny out of a customers account while denying any responsiblity for it’s missing money. Uh, that is not what I agreed to pay Chase for. I agreed to pay them to protect my money. They failed, blamed me for it’s loss while claiming total immunity, and now that say there is a negative balance in my account. Imagine them stealing all the money they wanted and then just saying, the money is not their responsibility to manage, even though they were paid to do so. This stinks of breach of contract, they took my money, had a legal duty and obligation to protect my money, and either stole it themselves or allowed someone to steal it all and then had the AUDACITY to try and pin this on me, a disabled senior citizen who just get a federal check that Chase says is simply gone, and they don’t care, and are not responsible for. Oh, and they claimed their chip cards are “perfect

and flawless

and unique

and cannot be reproduced.”” Nonsense

which the Police Department told me that it is a bunch of lies by Chase. Do not allow any bank to rip you off

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