CHASE BANK J P MORGAN CHASE US BANK AND CHASE BANK both denied the fact that my ATM card was charged three times illegally COLUMBUS OHIO!!. this is the address of Russell La Toya, Executive Officer with Chase Bank: CHASE BANK PO BOX 659809SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78265-9109 PHONE: 866 564 2262 FAX # 866 701 9886PHONE: 877 658 5559 Russell La Toya 877 658 5568 Ext 129-9119 On January 06 2018 an ATM charge was done to my Chase account in the amount of $203.25. The door of the ATM machine controlled by US Bank failed to open and to dispense the money to me. The door did not open because I pulled out the ATM card a second prior to the door opening. I had made several attempts, few minutes prior to make my first ATM withdraw. I was NOT familiar with the operation of this machine. To make a long story short, I called the several names depicted on the machine, I got in touch with Chase and none would return the money to me. Finally I decided to get in touch with Senator Bill Nelson and he had Chase return the $203.25 to my account. BUT MEANWHILE, after several temporary credits, and debits and credits to my account, since 01-06-18, I got confused as to what the credits and debits were referring to. Finally a friend of mine informed me that CHASE had charged me three times: on 01-06-18 and 01-07-18 and on 02-01-2018. I referred the two additional charges to Chase but to date it has refused to issue credit to my account. The 01-07-18 and the 02-01-18 ATM withdraws were NEVER made by me and Chase and US Bank have failed to show data to support these two ATM withdraws. I fail to understand how can CHASE and US Bank balance the ATM transactions incurred on those three days when I NEVER received the money and I never came near this ATM machine after the 01-06-18 problem.

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