Chateya Langely


Chateya Langely Scammed Internet!!. I should have known better but i gave this person the benefit of the doubt hoping there are still good people out in this world and now im suffering the consequences. This person had a 2003 chevrolet 1500 ss for sale on craigslist with only the email to get in contact through. I emailed them and was sceptical at first but because i got an email back for ebay moters i felt a whole lot better they made it seem so real and legit so i thought, ok maybe this isnt so bad afterall. I was wrong. Still having doubt on my mind i started reserching, which btw i should have done in the first place, and found out that this person has done this many times before using the same sad story of loosing a child and selling the vehicle cheap cause it brings back terrible memories. I have a good heart therefore i think there are still alot of good hearted people out there but dont get caught up like i did please do your research before any online transactions no matter how legit they seem to be.

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