Chaz Dean Studio Complaint


A month ago I called them because they charged my account for product that I had previously told them I did not want. They told me that there was a note to that effect in the system but the person who wrote it did not change the system to stop the product from being delivered. They told me the product had been shipped the day before and I should return at my cost and to make sure I sent it by some method that proved delivery and they gave me a Return number and said it would take 4/5 weeks for the money to be returned to my account! The product did not arrive for another week so I would suggest they were lying when they said it already been shippied. I told them categorically (again) that I did not want their product and that if I did I would order it. So 30 days later I find they have charged my account yet again and there is no product delivered at this point. I cannot get hold of anyone there ; “all our agents are busy talking to other customers”, probably because their lines are clogged by people making complaints. This practice of companies signing you up for automatic deliveries when you specifically told them you did not want that is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICE. They should be reported to every possible complaint site on the web and to Better Business Bureaus across the nation. Too many companies follow this practice and I am for one, am tired of it. I have no intention of using my time and money to return something I did not order in the first place – they can collect it themselves or I will toss it in the bin, I don’t care which.

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