Cheap cheap movers Markell Robinson & Darren Robinson


Cheap cheap movers Markell Robinson & Darren Robinson SCAMMED in over $2000 and STOLE my moving truck!!! St. Louis Mo!!. We used them yesterday for moving services. They quoted us a price which was most competitive in our areas. They arrived late bc their trucks wouldnu2019t start. They needed us to rent a uhaul for them so they could put my things into the truck? What the heck? Why couldnu2019t they rent a truck is beyond me. It took them over 12 hours to move out of our 3 bedroom house which had many furniture items already gone. And they actually didnu2019t move it to where I needed. They didnu2019t have dollies or any pads. One person takes off truck, passes to one person and then that person takes to final spot. ONE BOX AT A TIME. I had them leave our stuff in the garage bc of how long it took. Whatu2019s even worse is they had to come back to pick up the rest of the stuff that didnu2019t fit. They arrived late the next day and still with the slow team from the day before. They promised to be done by noon (4 hours) but now itu2019s approaching that time and still no sign of them being done. The uhaul is in MY name and Iu2019m liable. The uhaul was suppose to be returned to uhaul yesterday and now itu2019s going to be another day. But whatu2019s worse is they moved all the big pieces last so you have to keep using them. Itu2019s absurd. I canu2019t not stress enough they are not CHEAP. We will spend $2000 and and have many of our items still in our garage and dining room bc they are so slow. I have never seen a moving company not use a dolly. Just move one box at a time. Show up in a rental truck not even a moving truck of their own. The owner will speak very intelligently but itu2019s a scam. They are out to squeeze more money out of you. No contract or anything. Just pay my cc on their iPad. REALLY not professional!! I canu2019t believe we gave them all that money and still need to move all these things to the basement. ** They knew the uhaul truck had to be returned immediately after the move bc uhaul needed it back ASAP. Markell promised me he would gas up and return the truck. After 2 hours and several more calls from uhaul asking where the truck was I called Markell. No response. Now, the truck is rented under our name so I really need this company to do what they promised. I ended having to call the cops. After the police officer arrived, he made a call to the owner, Darren Robinson, he said his son, Markell, took the truck to the shop where his truck was being fixed to talk to the mechanic. Wait a minute, he was suppose to drive over to the uhaul place bc I rented this truck for him to move my things. NOT to run errands and add on more mileage. That truck was not in his name. Iu2019ll report back to see if they actually return it. 2.5 hours later and no sign of the truck. Uhaul is closing and still donu2019t know where it is. The police officer called them again and found they dropped off the truck 25 mins away from where the truck was suppose to go. They left it on EMPTY!!! I paid for them to use my truck for 4 more hours, maybe hundred of miles more and gasoline!!! They did not reimburse me for this charge!! They are SCAMMERS. They do not do what they promise. BEWARE!! My husband and I had to go get the truck, fill up the gas and drive it back to the right location to prevent all the charges tacked onto the bill. They have no regard on other peopleu2019s things. After all this was done guess who called?!? Markell thinking it was another lead for a move. He was so polite and left a pleasant voicemail. What a joke. I guess the didnu2019t know I was the person he scammed hundreds from not even including we paid him $2000 to move our things to just the garage. Donu2019t use them unless you want to deal with the police bc they donu2019t answer your calls when they have your money. They promised to refund me. Not a chance. They will not. Update from uhaul company: Manager at cave springs told me Markell and his crew has been placed on E alert for this incident. They were able to link several accounts with different identities for this business now. They will not be able to rent a truck from any Uhaul.

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