Dear Sir or Madam, Please note: I booked a trip to London via the merchant CheapOAir and I initially selected flights and selected Affirm as my payment option, the transaction failed to confirm my flights, as it indicated, upon trying to confirm my booking, that the one of my flights was no longer available and I received a message that the transaction was cancelled. I proceeded to select new/different flight options and the new fare was actually more expensive. My total booking dollar amount was $763.85 and that is loan ID XCI7-IMEB with Affirm. The initial booking that I was trying to make that was cancelled by the merchant was a total of $608.80. I went into my Affirm account and notice that I was charged for this transaction that was cancelled. The loan ID for this is: GEQ7-YCY0 and it is reflecting as “merchant processing” under my affirm account. This loan should not be active, as this was cancelled by the merchant as the selected flights were no longer available upon checking out. I need assistance in clearing this, as I have reached out to the merchant and get put on an endless hold! Please advise how I should proceed to get this cleared. Thank you. Kind regards, Nancy Todd ( I have been on hold with the customer service department at CheapOAir for 1hr and 35 minutes only to be treated rudely, get no help whatsover and being told that they would have to call me back because their systems were not working. That was Mr. Desmond, Manager in the Customer Service Department!)

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