According to my notes, this individual contacted me via email to ask that I write his resume. Also according to my notes, after reading his initial emails, it was my opinion at that time that he appeared to be belligerent, antagonistic, disrespectful, incoherent, and potentially dangerous. Certainly a far cry from my typical polite, courteous new customer! (I have over 500 “5 Star” reviews on various other review websites. My average rating is 4.9). I just replied back to him that “Sorry, I didn’t feel I could help him” and that I “wished him luck.” To my amazement, my notes state that I then received 4 (four) LONG (multi-paragraph) threatening emails from him over the next 5 days. Wow! He appears to have quite an explosive personality, to say the least. I won’t embarrass him further than I feel his own words already do in his ranting “review” above. (I did not respond to any of his follow-up threatening emails #2 through #5. I just blocked his email address.) So, in a nutshell, my “reply” to this strange person’s so-called “review” is that his various accusations are 100%fake, fictional, and (in spite of his creativity in spinning an amazing narrative), to me indicate a angry and potentially dangerous person. It’s sometimes best, in this world, to just not have anything to do with some persons, rather than sink to their level. And I “pat myself on the back” for being able to quickly spot him as a trouble-maker when I received his first email, and therefore refuse to take him on board as a client. May God bless and help him.



Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 1-855-384-7348


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