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Hello, I am a nineteen year old almost-adult amidst trying to build credit and work a minimum wage job and pay bills. I applied, was approved, and opened a credit/savings account with Rivermark Credit union recently and just a few weeks later after organizing a sum of $800 dollars via borrowed credit and all that I had in my savings, attempted to buy airline tickets through a third party company called ““” for my boyfriend and I as a birthday gift to him. After filling out all of my information

selecting the correct flights

and entering my credit card; upon approval from the site there was an “”error””. I hadn’t received a flight confirmation email

so I just thought it never went through. Be that as it may

I am very organized with my finances so I decided to take a peak at my accounts via the Rivermark app. Upon looking further into my checking account I saw that my checking account had said the available balance was a small two hundred and some change amount. I looked further into the account and saw close to a six hundred dollar pending charge on my account. Of course I was very alarmed

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