Cheated me big time!! AFR is a scam!!


Out of the blue one day I got a call from the American Financial Resources. They told me they could resolve all my financial issues. Well I trusted them cos I had heard about them somewhere, I thought maybe they could actually help.

But AFR cheated on me big time, they were to modify my loan, they made me sign a contract in which they agreed on returning my money, but those assholes cheated on me. I mean how could they? How dare they? Pricks!

I paid them $5000 which is not a small amount as you all know, promising loan modification and then disappearing away. This is not what I had expected.

All my emails I sent on [email protected] have remained unanswered and the number from which they called me is always busy or not reachable. I have been looted; they have taken my money and not returned a dime. This is not happening! These people need to be punished.

I signed the contract in Torrance, California. They refused to pay me back my money, regardless of what the contract stated.

Later I found out from my bank and came to know they never submitted any papers or documents on my behalf, so they basically just took my money and left. Those heartless cunts, I hope they are caught and jailed. That is what they deserve. I wonder how many people they might have robbed just like this – they target innocent people, find out their private and personal information and then rob them!

I feel stupid but also angry, how can people get away with such kind of crimes? How can they possibly? I swear to god if I come across any of their agents I will catch hold of them and take them to the police.
Guys please be careful, do not get robbed by these people. They call themselves American Financial Resources, they are fraud!! They will not resolve any issue, but will give you issues for the rest of your life!!

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