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For insurance purpose I needed a good estimate of my homes value. I ordered a report from an online property service for $1.00 and received the County Property Appraisal for my property which was what I wanted. My credit card was charged $1.00 as agreed. Also there was another immediate charge from another company, , for $18.95 for a service I never needed or wanted. I called them immediately and questioned the charges and was told I signed up for their service for $18.95 a month for a year. I told them I only ordered 1 report from another service for $1.00 and didn’t want or need their service. I was told then that the service was cancelled and my card would be credited for the $18.95. Instead two days later the full charge was billed to my card. I called them again and was told my account was cancelled. I told them I knew that but I never signed up their service and called immediately to cancel anwas told I would also be refunded the $18.95. She said I had missed the option to decline this service when I ordered the report. I told her wasn’t it obvious that I didn’t want the service when I immediately called to cancel it? She said she would submit a refund of $18.95 to my card. It’s been several days now and no refund. I reported it to my card company and was told that it may take a few days but she noted my complaint on my account and call back if not refunded. I will update this report as to the outcome.


Name: Check Property Data

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Laredo

Address: 3120 N Arkansas Ave Suite 2

Phone: 1-855-487-7055


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