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Checkers Industrial AKA Checkers, RoadBlocks, FlagStaff, CIP Bad service and and ridiculous lead times Broomfield Colorado!!. I had used a few different companies over the years, FlagStaff was one of the brands I was used to. Over the last couple years I had noticed it was getting tougher to get the products. I go in to get a basic whip, and they tell me its going to be 1-2 weeks just to get it. When the products finally came in, the darn thing quit working that same day. I tried to get the warranty taken care of, and Checkers customer service just kept pushing me to other people in the area and wouldn’t even help me, this was one whip and I was even offering to pay for it to get another one. I just went to another store by my home and they got me a competitors whip that was a little cheaper and has been working a lot better for me. They even took the checkers whip in and gave me $20 off the new whip. The guy at the counter said that he only works with “SafetyWhips” out of Phoenix, Arizona. I only have this one experience, but I know I’ll just start there next time. I an not a fan of being sent around to a hundred places to get one simple flag.

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