Chemstore Review


They say they will only accept BitCoins… that’s how they get you… CHEMSTORE SCUM Bought a product, I’m glad I didn’t spend too much! My order was placed ‘on hold’ for ages now, no response from them, no parcel, my comment was deleted from their ‘ask a question’ space… I wished i Had done my research BEFORE paying, I thought ‘no way a scammy website would be running without any reports’… I went a bit deeper now only to discover they’ve been doing it for awhile, the reason why it’s difficult to find a review it’s because they change their web address often. Here are some of names they went by that I found from people’s reviews: I bough from them recently by the name of: – it looks exactly how the looks like now. In one review, I found a website that seems to show their active website: So if you type it in, at see the website you want to buy from, DO NOT BUY! I’m just a person who’s very disappointed, I warned you… Save your money!

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