Chenier Motors Complaint


Bought my truck in December 2018the most recent significant issue is as follows-Bolts holding the box of the truck together coming loose on passengers side. In the box of the truck, I could see the ground where the box was splitting. This split ripped the box liner I had sprayed in at the time of purchase. Had to argue and ask for it to be looked at 3 times before they stopped telling me it was normal to see the ground through the box of the truck. Then they tried to tell me there wasn’t really a hole, that it was the linex that was the issue. I continued to push and when the tech finally got into the back of the truck they realized I was correct and the bolts holding the box of the box together were loose. Now the drivers side of the box of the truck is separating. Why would they not check both sides? Now the linex is split on the other side and what is the use of having that sprayed in if it is continues to be ripped? If I get any water in the box of the truck the water will rust out this area eventually. So I wasted my money. This is my 3rd truck in 7 years and I have nothing but major issues with each truck. I even switched dealerships hoping to get better service and still I am treated like I couldn’t possibly know what I’m talking about. I’ve lost count how many times I have to get my boyfriend to go in or call for me to get things done as I am not taken seriously. I may only be one person, but why would I want to continue to buy a vehicle that I can’t get service for or that I’m told that everything that goes wrong is normal. I dread having to call or go in to have any service done.

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