Cherry Hill Dodge Triplex


Cherry Hill Dodge Triplex they advertise 8000 dollars for any car no matter the condition and no credit check on t.v. but it was a lie. consumer fraud ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey ….. they advertised on t.v. for any trade you bring in or tow in you can get 8000 dollars cash for your car or they will pay your first two car payments and they were not doing credit checks but it was all a lie. I called first then i went down to the lot and they told me that your car has to be worth 8000 dollars and that they were doing credit checks and that was false advertising and something sholud be done about that because it not fair that i went down to n.j.and came back home in my same car when thats not what the ad said on t.v. I want everyone to know about this car dealers because its not fair to the people that have to go fair to be turned down and they were only listening to the ad that they put out for everyone to see. Chaketa Phila., PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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