Cherry Hill Triplex Mitsubishi


Cherry Hill Triplex (Mitsubishi) Foulke Management Overcharged over $7000 Cherry Hill New Jersey!!. I arrived at Cherry Hill Mitsubishi at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. I saw the vehicle on the lot so l decided to stop. Before I was even allowed to test drive the car was made to sign a paper (that they did not give me a copy of) that stated “if we get you financed, I will purchase the vehicle”. I sat at the dealership until approximately 8:30PM at which time (after running my credit about 20 times) they finally got me financed. By the time they took me back to sign papers until 9:30pm (they were already closed), I am disabled, I was tired, hungry, in a great deal of pain and my contact lenses were drying out. I was not afforded anytime to look at the papers they were just thrown at me one after the other in a great big rush. Basically they wore me down. I was told they were going to give me $500 for my trade-in and I said fine because knew my car wasn’t worth much. They chose to give me $4000 for my trade, but they tacked an extra $4600 on the price of my new vehicle? I said fine on $500. There was no reason to do what they did. Anyway, the sticker price of the vehicle was $15,225. I was supposed to look at a used car the following day that was only $1000 less, so opted to get the brand new car. The next day, looked at the papers, they charged me almost $20,000 for the vehicle AND they charged me $2500 for a service contract. (I NEVER would pay for a service contract when there were 4 different kinds of warrantys that came with the car.) tried to contact them immediately, but the General Manager Bill Kopp never got back to me until it was too late for me to file for arbitration. Based on all of the many lawsuits and fines levied against this company I’m surprised they are still in business. By the time I finish paying for my $15,225 vehicle, I will have put out over $30,000. This is not only highway robbery, it is a crime. Along with this complaint, have also filed complaints with the Consumer Advocate of NJ and the Federal Trade Commission. The way see it, this is what should be financing. It should be this: Price of unit $15225.00Less Trade-in – 4,000.00 Total Taxable Amt $11,225.00 Plus 7%. Sales Tax + 1,065.75 Plus MV Tire Fee + 7.95 Pius Estimated MV Fees + 130.00 Plus Document Fee + 299.00 TOTAL $12,736.20 Less Rebate -3500.00 I should be financing $9.236.20

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