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Complaint: My mother is currently looking to purchase or lease a Jeep Liberty. After hearing Cherry HIll Triplex’s promotion of $89 down $89 a month my mother wanted to visit the dealership. I was very skeptical and suggested she call and inquire be fore we make the trip. She spoke with someone who gave her an appointment to come in and told her she could get a Liberty Jeep with current promotion. I was still not a believer, so I called myself to inquire. I could not believe someone could purchase a 20k vehicle for $89 a month it just doesn’t add up. I called the dealership and ask to speak to a sales person and the recetionist was insistent that she could help me. I ask her was it possible to purchase a jeep liberty under the $89 promotion and she said yes. I asked her how long would the term be because I would not have a car paid off in the normal term given she said you could keep making the payments until the vehicle was paid off. We made the trip to Jersey and first I must mention that the sales people were standing at the front like crazy starved vultures. I was just waiting for one of them to jump on my car. [email protected]$h, a sales person approaches the passenger side and starts to talk with my mother. She told him that she was there for the $89 promotion and she wanted a Liberty Jeep. Of course he told us that promotion could not be used for the purchase of a Liberty Jeep. The vehicle had to be a certain price in order to qualify for that price. My mother only wanted that model car so she picked one after an hour of [email protected]$h talking our heads off. Many of the cars in the lot had an employee price tag on them. [email protected]$h says that promotion is over and did not know why the tags were still on the cars. She test drove the one she wanted and we went inside to work the numbers. He takes some information and comes back without numbers but he has good news. The employee pricing was still going on. Which I think he knew all along and if he didn’t shame on him. Since this new news is brought to the light my mother has to pick a car that can offer the employee discount. She picks another car and he comes back with a number, by the way he has not even ran her credit. He comes back with $589/month. We were quoted previously $397/month should’ve jumped on that. [email protected]$h explains that is the worse deal possible and after checking her credit he could have a solid figure. He also goes on to explain that the majority (90%) of there clientele are serious credit risk and have bad credit. [email protected]$h procedes to tell my mother that the quote she received was a low ball and ask who gave that to her and she refused to disclose that information. My mother thanked [email protected]$h and said she was just going to go back to where she got her quote from and hope that they had another vehhicle in stock she wanted as the one she was quoted a price for had been sold. [email protected]$h continued to try to talk my mother into a deal after she repeatedly said no. She explained to him that she was not going to pay that much for that car and have to be inconvenienced with having to pick up tags because we our PA residence. I recently purchased a car in NJ and I had to drive out to pick up my registration and tags and I had to come home and have my car inspected. [email protected]$h says that was incorrect and continued on to try to sale this vehicle. I just couldn’t take anymore so I grabbed my mother is rushed out of that place. This place constantly runs advertisemnts that are to good to be true. They prey on desparate people who need a car and give in many case the worst deal possible. They are best known for $8000 for your trade and I have read several stories on that bum deal. If you need a car and have credit isssues you do not have to go to these kinds of dealerships. There are good dealerships that can help your situation. Just one more thing, [email protected]$h mention he previoulsy worked for Dunphy they were a similar kind of dealership who preyed on credit challenged consumers. They have closed down. Tia PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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Address: 1805 Route 70 W Cherry Hill, New Jersey U.S.A.


Phone: 877-803-2223

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