Cherry Hill Triplex


Cherry Hill Triplex Cherry Hill Dodge Unscrupulous! Couldn’t tell the truth if life depened on it! Cherry Hill New Jersey!!. Purchased a 2018 Ford Explorer I saw online 6/24/2015. The problem arose when my temporary tag expired and was told it would be approx. 2 more weeks. I’m out of state so a personal trip back isn’t easy. They gave me a worthless letter that my tag was delayed and they can’t issue another temporary tag. Where does this leave me… driving illegal if I want to go to work and get paid. My vehicle could be impounded if caught driving on expired temp tag. What does the dealership do… NOTHING. Guess they expect me to sit home and not go to work while I wait for them to send me the tag I paid them for. Absolutely unacceptable business practices! They drop the ball and I’m left to deal with any consequences. Update: 37 days and the paperwork still has not been mailed out to the DMV for my tag. Just keep getting the run around and excuses. There is no reason this should not have been done by now other than the dealership not doing it. It has a clear title from paying to have a title check, they have all the information they need, I’ve made my car payments and paid for insurance. IMO there is no excuse for this.

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