Cheshire Cat


Cheshire Cat Chris Hughes Is A Scam Internet!!. No physical address for “Chris Hughes of Cheshire” No Company set up No CE Certification No EMF Certification for the electronics No Safety Certification of the liquid FUEL u201cYawn stupid name trying to be coolu201d why not just use water. He wants more money that’s why. Yes Ripping off GoPro using their Attachment System and Trademark with no license (anyone welcome to notify Gopro) Not the way to build a reputation “Chris” pretty common name in Cheshire claims to be in Britain but no publication in any British motorcycle magazine like MCN You would start in your home country. Claims to have contacted them…….clever guys at MCN are not interested. Claims to have driven around Europe on his 1k trip but no real photos of himself and the European scenery to prove he ever did so. Everyone has a phone with a camera these days. He didn’t drive around Europe it’s a lie and a scam. Yes self stated failure in engineering, made redundant yet Bikeket is an engineering project and he is the only person involved. He can’t even get his wife interested as she probably does not exist and is a lie and scam! No picture or proof of her. Now he wants your money for his one man scam! All points to giving your money on Kickstarter and getting nothing in return. Perhaps one kind biker should let Kickstarter know. “Chris” is Hawkeye1250FA in Bike Chat Forums

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