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I hired this company to build an app. They quoted me 3 mos and $40,000. (Now 5mo into it and $20K over budget.) They stated that they DO NOT use 3rd party systems or piggyback off another programs and everything is written from scratch. However, they do use A LOT of 3rd party systems. The company says the are based here but ALL coders are in India. They are VERY difficult to work with. When you give them your availablity they still call you at all hours and have ZERO respect for your time. | They didn’t make a single deadline. They made changes without my approval then wanted me to pay for them to change things back. Even when you lay out the project in great detail they don’t perform as requested and when you request things to be corrected to the standards that you originally stated they act like its a “change to functionality” and then bill you for additional time. | The project managers are rude and try to treat you like children. They even asked at one point if I would write the team an email praising them for their hard work because ‘they work better when praised’. (Needless to say I did not write that email.) | When you bring up the issues to management they act like they listen to what you say and they say they are going to correct the problems but of course nothing is corrected to your standards. They say every call is recorded but when asked for them to listen to those calls to prove what you have said is true they won’t and they won’t release the calls to you so you can prove what you’ve been saying all alone. | They have been the WORST company to deal with and do nothing but lie and try to take more and more money from you. When you try to fight them they hold your project hostage. | FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, DO NOT USE CHETU. You will regret your decision.

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