Complaint: I Went to this gas sation because of the good price of gas and the fact that it’s in the middle of NOWHERE and there’s nowhere else to go. I found out why the gas prices are so good. IT’S BECUASE THEY RIP YOU OFF WHEN YOU GO TO SHOP INSIDE THE FOOD MART!!!I bought a 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew Live Wire. (It’s that orange colored sugar water they sell now) When I got to the counter, I was promptly charged $1.56 for the one can! I could’nt believe it. I’m not a j** but that’s a lot of money for a can of soda! I asked if the price was right and the old lady at the counter said “Yep

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Address: those are the new prices and people are still buying it!””I could’nt believe it! I’m sure not going to THIS place again!Ed 90034


Phone: CaliforniaU.S.A.”

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