Chevy Chase Bank Complaint


Chevy Chase Bank has the worst Treasury Mangement customer service department. Recently I got locked out of my Chevy Chase Online Access account and called the Treasury Management helpdesk. I left a message at around 8:00 in the morning. I called back at half hour intervals until 3 p.m. and never had any luck with getting a live person on the line. I would estimate I made a total of 15 plus calls to the helpdesk [protected]) and left atleast 5 messages. This is not a one time experience with Chevy Chase Bank. In fact things have steadily declined since my primary contact at Chevy Chase Bank left the department and joined another department. I can honestly say that I have never got a live person on the line in the last eight or nine months. If I do get a call back its hours later and Vicki/Vicky most times does not seem to know what she is talking about. During a recent conversation she made it seem like I was an inconvenience. In the background I heard her describing what was happening at a wedding and instucting someone else to look at pictures on her phone. I am really not sure how Chevy Chase Bank trains their employees but it has gotten worse. The funny thing is that Vicky is the department’s most experienced employee. When I was sold this service I was promised exceptional personal service and I can’t possibly fathom what the Sales Officer was thinking. They recently added a new guy to the deparment who seems very friendly but I doubt he was trained properly as he placed me on hold a number of times while processing a simple request. A Happy ending… Finally the next day I reached out to my other contact (Aashish Ponniah) at Chevy Chase Bank. He promptly unlocked me and even hung around until I got done with processing my transactions. He was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and I miss working with him.

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