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Complaint: I began my child support case while living in Nevada. They were great an efficient. I started in Dec of 2009. I know they had it to Arizona (where he lives) by early Feb. A hearing was not scheduled until July of 2010. He has worked and lived in the same places for 5 years. They claimed it took them a long time to find him. They sent my noticewhile I was moving from Nevada to Arizona and did not use a legal service type of notice. I did not know about the hearing so I was not there. He lied to them regarding many things like the fact I am unemployed and went off of my former income. He did not tell them about his second job he had hidden from me etc. He laughs about this. I have of course filed for a modification but as of Jan 2011 I have not heard back.I never received any paperwork until December of 2010. I never knew a caseworker name. They began taking garnishment early Aug 2010. It was about 2 months before I saw a dime.I am supposed to be able to access my case online in Arizona but I had been blocked from viewing it. I then called Nevada and they were again great. They explained that I needed to send a certified letter to get them out of the loop as it has to go to too many locations. I did that.Nevada gave me my caseworkers name and I then called her in Arizona. She was very rude and said that my access online had been blocked and she could not tell me by who. I am sure is was the 3 times convicted felon for domestic abuse who was able to do this. She told me if I did not like the way they do things then I can hire an outside company to handle my case at a huge expense to me. So I waited and finallybegan getting sporatic deposits. This happened up until Nevada got out of the loop. Now I am getting nothing. I have place 2 calls to them with no reply. I also will have to pay for my calls since I have already used up my two alloted calls. In the meantime I am trying to support 2 children on $214.00 per month that is soon to end due to the republicans taking over congress. I am not yet getting AZ food stamps. Again this has been a nightmare that had been easy in Nevada and I got more than twice in Nevada what I will even get here in Arizona. Oh and I had previously lived in ARizona andthe father lives here all along. So for the dads who think the moms get everything I am here to tell you that in AZ that is not the case. Arizona is just plain incompetent. SEriously. I could tell you more stories but I am tired. Sick of telling them. Sendind cerified today and then seeing an attorney paid for by my mom. I certainly can’t pay one. Legal Aid here is also a joke to access. Another story. Just applying takes days, months etc.

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