Chime (Bancorp Bank) Universal City Texas Review


I will start at the beginning. In April of this year I had an unauthorized transaction of $89.00 from a company I do not do business with. I spoke to customer service and was provided the merchant’s contact information. I contacted the merchant and they failed to fix the issue so I filed a dispute with Chime. After 10 days they placed a provisional credit in my account. 47 days later, Chime reversed that credit without notice. I received a packet in the mail that contained some paperwork explaining that the merchant had provided proof that I had authorized the transaction. The “proof”” was a terms agreement from the merchant that had been electronically signed with my name. I thought they were joking

but apparently not. I filed a rebuttal

Chime denied it. I requested an arbitrator

Chime credited my account with a final credit of $89.00 and apologized. Fast forward two weeks. On Thursday June 29 my social security was deposited to my account along with the SSI checks for my two kids. At around 12:05 am on June 30th I tried to log in to check my balance and pay my electric bill and received an error message stating my account was closed. I logged in to my email and find an email sent from Chime at 7:58 pm stating that they are sorry but that they have decided to end their banking relationship effective June 30th. I have been banking with Chime since 2015 and have never had an issue. They are upset because I asked for an arbitrator. There solution to that is to close my account

fine it is their right

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