Chime Banking Review


I have had a Chime “bank account” for a year now. I wanted to try this online banking with no hidden fees. All was well until a random ATM ate my debit card which is the only way to access funds from my account. I contacted Chime on 11-22 at 6pm on the app – because they do not make it easy to call them directly – and advised what happened and asked if I could please expedite a new card. I had zero cash on me. I did not get a reply right away so I used my card number online to transfer money via western union to get through the next few days. | The next morning I call Chime and the rep advised me that they can send a new card but they cannot expedite it – even though i offered to pay an additional fee of whatever – and that they have to deactivate my current card before issuing a new one. They said it could take up to FOURTEEN DAYS and that I should get a new card by DEC 12th.. Excuse me?? That is extremely inconvinient of an online bank to do!! What sense does this make? If you are an ONLINE bank with no other means of accessing money you should be able to get me a new card PRONTO or at LEAST a virtual card to use online. I told them to please send asap but was advised that since the following day was a holiday that my card would not be sent out until 11-25. | I followed up on the app and the representitive advised me that they would express ship me a card and it would go out on 11-25 and arrive within 2 to 3 business days. It is 11-28 today – payday – I have 40 cents to my name – and I received a notification today that my card is now shipping wih a tracking number that shows a label was created last night and that the card has not even left the manufacturing place nor has it been turned over to UPS. Who knows when they will actually ship my card but once received I am DONE. This is not okay. I am hungry. My dogs are hungry. As of tomorrow I won’t even have enough gas in my car to get to work! I am literally moving out of my apartment in TWO days and cannot access the mail box after that (which I explained to multiple reps at Chime) and will be SOL without my card. | It is now 2:13 PM in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I was told my card is shipping from, and still no updates on the tracking number provided so it’s probably still sitting in their facility waiting for UPS to pick up or for someone to drop it off. Chime has no business being an online bank if they do not have alternative options for customers to access their money in the event they do not have a debit card handy. The only way I can get money would be if I actually knew someone else who has a chime account – which now i would not encourange anyone to do. I will update when I actually receive a replacement card so future customers can have an idea of how long it will take no matter how much you bug, beg, and plead for access to your hard earned money!

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