China National Aviation Corporation Review


So I have a situation with CNAC that has been hurting my credit report for years. Back in July 2012, I surrendered my vehicle to JD Byryder beacuse I fell on rough times and could not afford the payments no longer. My payments were due every two weeks and I always paid them on time for over the year I had the car. My payment was due on that Friday and I turned my car into JD Byryder that Saturday and told them I could not afford the payments any more and that I wanted to do the right thing and give the car back. The guy told me that I would still owe on the car, which I did understand. I realized there would be a balance on the car and that I figured that it would show up on my credit report as a voluntary surrender. A couple months went by and I recieved a letter from them stating that they auctioned my car for 1500.00 dollars and that I now owe them 7800.0 dollars. I was ok with that, but due to the financial hardship I was going through, I couldn’t pay that at that time. About a year later, I took a look on my credit report and seen CNAC on there showing on what appears to be that I still have the car. It says nothing about it being repossed, surrendered, or anything, it just shows me apparently still having the car and I am more that 30 days late. | Still to this day, as of April 2018, it is still on my credit report appearing that I still have the car and that I am not paying on it. I know whenever I signed the documents for the car, there was all of this legal mumbo jumbo, that I did not read, nor probably understand, because I was so desperate for a vehicle that I should of known better than to do that. I remember that the signing of the documents was also video taped as well which I thought was really creepy. So in the end, I have actually never been pursued by CNAC legally, which I thought has been very weird, but them being on my credit report really sucks. I am hoping maybe it will fall off after the seven years, but I don’t know. I am looking for some advice, or someone who has been through something similar. Any advice would be helpful.


Name: China National Aviation Corporation

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Carmel

Address: 12802 Hamilton Crossing Blvd.

Phone: (888) 240-3595


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