Chintaless Nagrik


Chintaless Nagrik Karnav Shah Umang Patel Fraud Scam Harasses unsafe Agency Surat Umra, Surat Gujarat!!. Serious Fraud & Harassement Any more info needed please contact Shared Brief Evidence album link below Our multiple criminal case is allready established with orders for action on all offences. We worked hard on this case as it was another country & very serious crimes against multiple victims One associated with our case is a woman and we wanted to file a report in their locality as victims wished Dealing with law is very difficult and we decided to take the help of an agency CHINTALESS NAGRIK In Surat Gujarat India in November 2018. We had a ready complaint All links to Evidence Albums also a list of contacts they were to contact December end we wanted to withdraw our case as we knew nothing was done. We dealt with Mr Umang Patel who mentally tortured ignores and acts so unethical. Finally they sent a complaint which was all wrong in Jan 2019. By March 2019 we realised they did nothing Respect was shown through all this Finally we took over and spoke up firmly. Then the Harassement threats abuse started. They use big words and state they are not afraid of any Law. We called and found out they did no work with our contacts. We worked hard on this case which is huge and this agency is horrible. We started complaining. They started to harass threaten. What made us start this process is they post Victims sensitive case information all over to abuse. They don’t know Victims are protected by legal sanctions due to the original crimes. This is how their NGO operates. Cheat good people then when we speak up harass further Link below and will update. We are blessed as no way restricted to that area but still should be known. KARNAV SHAH UMANG AGARWAL 917990316164India location After we spoke up 6 months later we gave some time to rectify 2 weeks. They did nothing. They blame victim and threaten. We have enough Evidence to back anything but we pity anyone who doesn’t have resources and seeks their help. you Please reach out if needed or if victim

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