Choice Hotels Port Wentworth Georgia Review


I have been staying at Suburban Lodge in Savannah,Ga for about a months now. Two weeks ago I started having issues with my scalp- very itchy and bumps started to form ( bumps are still forming). The night before I left, I discovered what the problem was bed bugs! I was getting ready for bed and looked at the space next to me. I saw a brown/black bug crawling on the sheet! When I picked the bug up and squashed it, I saw blood! Disgusting!!!! I immediately jumped out of bed and pulled back the sheets. I found two bed bugs and blood stains on the sheets. I immediately took pictures. I stripped the bed and didn’t see anymore bugs. I was still freaked out about the bugs but decided to stay that night anyway. It was pretty late and I knew that the manager (Peter) has a small child and didn’t want to disturb them. I did however nofiy Choice Hotels via the customer service phone and email. I decided to talk with the front desk in the morning during checkout. I had to get to work so I wasn’t present durng the checkout inspection but I did let the front desk clerk (younger Indian lady) about the bugs. Another patron was behind me and he overheard the conversaton. He asked me what did the bugs look like. I came back later that day to finalize the checkout. The “inspection”” was done without me being there. The front desk clerk didn’t know that I had taken pictures of the bugs and the stains. She must have told Peter ( front desk manager). When I came back to finish checkout and get the balance left from my deposit I l told Peter about the bugs. I attempted to show him the pictures- he glanced at them and continued to type on the computer to finalize me leaving. There was no apology nothing. I was dimissed with a “”we didn’t notice that. We never had that problem.”” Really? I have pictures of bugs and blood stains. He decided I guess that the best thing to do was “”damage”” control. He denied it. He doesn’t know that I contacted Choice. I understand wanting to protect his hotel or whatever but to be completely dismissive and to imply that I am not telling the truth is just too much. I will never stay there again.”

16041 Abercorn Street Savannah, Georgia USA



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