Chozan Behn Sr. Behn and Associates Lake Elsinore Review


Mr. Chozan Behn is a con man at it’s best. This man claimed he was a financial consultant , when all along he was a finanical con man. He was introduced to my husband and I through his wife Letrice Behn. AT the time I had a beauty supply store and need assistance with my taxes and help with keeping my business finances in order. So, through a phone consultation he advised me on what he offer and what his services consisted of. Once we had the inital phone consultation, we scheduled a face to face consultation. During the face to face. I, along with his wife and my husband were in attendance and he talked very intelligently and answered all the questions I needed answered. So we agreed to do business with him, so he became our financial consultant. He then began to tell us he had a business loan company and it would be good to get a small loan to build my business credit. I explained to Mr. Behn, that I did not have any loans and I was ok with that. He explained that I needed business credit to get to the next level and i did want to build my business credit. So he said he could get us a $35,000 loan, pay interest only and then get us another loan slightly higher and that would pay off the previous loan and that could build our business credit. We set another meeting to talk more about this business loan information. So the inital price for the consulting was $2500.00… which would consist of him doing the taxes for the previous year and unknown paperwork. I gave him at that time half and made arrigments for him to received the other half two weeks after. After Mr. Behn received his payments and I had to contact him as to what was going on with the taxes… In a email, I explained to him that commincation would be our friend in this business arraignment that we made and he explained he had been busy. SO we then set up the another meeting to discuss this business loan. So, again in the next meeting it was his wife and my husband and we met at my beauty supply shop and he began to explan the process of how this loan process would happened. Very convincing , my husband I agreed. Mr. Behn told us we needed 6% of the intial loan to get started. So he took, and inital payment of $5000.00 for this loan…. I few weeks in we had dinner because he had good news for us. Instead of the $35,000 we originally qualifed for, we now qualifed for $250.000 which would be funded in the beginning part of Sept.2017. We were in August 2017 at this time , so he told us to qualify for this loan I have to give him another $5000.00 and this would cover the fees assoicated with this loan. Wrote him a check for another $5,000. During all of this he, now wanted more money for the consulting , which I told him absolutely not. Until this loan is funded, he wasnt getting another dime. So, September passed, October passed, November passed… All the while I am emailing him asking what is going… funding will be in this day and that day… I finally give him a deadline in December. There supposely was a hiccup with my LLC and he was suppose to get it fixed but he did nothing , I had to fix it. Anyway we are now in January, no funding and still to this day no funding. I have emails after emails from him and him admitting he owes us the money back. This man took trips on my money , bought expensive watches and clothes on my money. He befriended my husband and I , came to our house for Christmas and celebrated my birthday with us..all the while claiming he is a GOD fearing man.. while scamming us. He is a real piece of work.. but I will not stop until he is prosecuted. I found out he had other cases from his wife, who told me to Goggle him, which I should have done in the first place. He was been to jail for embezzlement and fraud. Also has 3 cases against him for doing the same thing he did to me. This man will keep doing it, he has to be stopped.




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