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Complaint: SoCALIrealestate / Chris Cali Real Estate is a fraudulent business run by real estate Agent Chris Cali. She claims to be a real estate agent but turned out to be an incompetent, unethical, unlawful, manipulative, self-serving, fraudulent person. We have known realtor Chris Cali for more than a year and during that time she breached our fiduciary duty, breached our right to privacy, tried to extort us, and committed fraud. She pushed us into a bad property because she made a deal with her friends, the Seller, behind our back. She knew there were plumbing issues, she knew there were mold issues, she knew there were water damage issues, etc. and she decided not to tell us. She actually admitted to us that she knew about all the problems after it was too late. She pushed us into a property, knowing itu2019s true condition for her own personal gain. She breached her fiduciary duty to us and misadvised us. She was not only dishonest but make several misrepresentations. She then decided to disclose all of our personal and confidential information months after the deal took place to unrelated parties, breaching our right to privacy. This is not only unethical but illegal. She then tried to extort money from us by telling us to send her money personally instead of to her broker. Her moral character is so questionable that she told us she has been dating a married man for years. A married man with kids to be exact. . . That defines her character perfectly. She will smile at you and pretend to be your best friend and then stab you in the back later. Chris Cali of Chris Cali Real Estate i.e., SoCALIrealestate breached her fiduciary duty i.e., she was unloyal, unobedient (did not follow our instructions), dishonest (she kept negative information about the property from us in an attempt to earn commission), breached our right to privacy (she communicated confidential information she acquired from us without our consent), tried to extort us and committed fraud. We have submitted complaints to the California Bureau of Real Estate in order to get her license revoked. We have also filed disciplinary complaints with the California Desert Association of Realtors. She is under INVESTIGATION and will hopefully never be able to practice real estate / victimize innocent people again. Stay far far far away from this two-faced, two-timing, cheating, dishonest, backstabbing, malicious woman.

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Address: 47100 Washington St #100 La Quinta, California United States


Phone: (760) 399-2608, (760) 601

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