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These allegations of sexual harrasment against former store general manager Chris King took place in summer of 2008. I used to work for this person and I was terminated in January of that year. I’ve since kept in touch with several store associates regularly and I’ve always known that the allegations against this person are factual. At least three female associates who were employed at Best Buy #565 in St. Petersburg, Flnall made accusations of sexual harrassment and improper behavior against them by at the time general manager Chris King. Now I want to let everybody know that this person is a really arrogant, rude and very disliked manager. I worked for him for a very brief time and I never liked nor respected Chris King and I have only complete disdain for him today!nHe ran that store with a huge ego and wanted everyone to do things “his way or hit the highway.”” I do know that Best Buy did investigate the allegations of sexual harrassment and improper behavir though the human resources people did a very useless investigation and failed to proceed with any type of disciplinary action against Chris King. He was given another chance and told to pack his bags and he was then transferred to Seattle

WA and sent to another store to manage. Mr. King nnever admitted any wrongdoing and completely denied the allegations! nI could also add that he is a real big SOB and I detest him even more for getting away with harrasing three women associates. One of whom was an employee whom I worked with at times and I really cared for her as na friend and co-worker. Chris King has been in Seattle now for the past many months and in August of 2008 he told the entire crew that he was being transferred to Seattle though he refused to admit that it was nordered by Best Buy’s human resources division. He just told everyone on staff at the time that he was offered a promotion to a large volume Magnolia Hi-Fi store and it was a golden opportunity for him. I find that nBest Buy’s investigation could have and should have terminated Chris King and yet they chose the cowardly option by allowing this complete a*hole to keep his job! Best Buy is so guilty of condoning and tolerating nsexual harrassment by a general manager. And as long as losers like Mr. King could get away with this then anyone else including other managers could also get away with sexual harrassment and improper and unprofessional behavior towards members of the opposite sex! nTrust me when I tell you that if you ask any staff person today who used to work for him back in 2008 if he was liked or respected and I could tell youthat nobody could stand working for him nor did anyone even respect him at all! This is all for my report. nLorenzonSaint Petersburg


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