Chris Somerhalder, Child Predator



Run…do not walk…RUN from Chris Somerhalder of Newton, Kansas. He preys on underage girls, and women with young daughters. He is 45, and was trying to have sex with his “best friend’s” daughter that he had known since birth!! He tried to get her alone or take her somewhere alone for years, and recently touched her and sent creepy messages asking if she liked it. Aside from being a pedophile and child molester, he is physically abusive and a total psychopath who will try to control every aspect of your life and constantly accuse you of lying/cheating, because of his own guilty conscience due to his disgusting secrets. I honestly have never felt the need to warn people about anyone, until I had the misfortune of running across this sick psycho. *Please* do not ignore your gut…if something seems wrong, it almost always is, and something is most definitely wrong with him!!

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