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Chris Spears Prestige Auto Sales Christian Family Man taking advantage of the community Ocala Florida!!. Buyers Beware of of Prestige Auto Sales 2261 College Rd Ocala,Fl 34471 We were trying to purchase a house since October, We had all our savings in the bank and were told not to use it until after the closing of the house. In February our loan officer said she would not proceed with the loan until I got the debt of my 2018 KIA SPORTAGE out of my name. Our realtor Joe Brown said he had a friend who could help. Our realtor insured us his friend was trust worthy and honest and could get this done for us so we could get our house. So Chris W & I met Chris Spears at his Dealership (Prestige Auto) on 2/14/15 to go over details our realtor had already discussed with him. The deal was Chris Spears would pay off the amount owed $8401.77 on our KIA and in a month after we had closed on our house we would then refinance our KIA through him and put it in Chris W name, Chris Spears said he would only tack on $1000 on the payoff amount for his trouble which seemed fair to us. This was a verbal agreement I signed the payoff request for Kia motor finance and bill of sale so Chris Spears could pay Kia Motor Finance to be paid ASAP and no later then 2/24/15. I kept checking my account with KIA no payment had been made no contact from Prestige auto at all. Chris Spears called me on 2/24/15 and was asking me if we were going to refinance the car on Friday, 2/27/15 I said what do you mean you are suppose to hold the car for a month until Chris W can refinance. Chris Spears informed me he was going to have work done to our car and have the tires changed. I said No your not doing anything to our car We are buying it back just the way it is. I called my Chris W and told him that Chris Spears seemed to had forgotten everything we had agreed on. Chris W tried reaching Chris Spears several times, When Chris Spears finally called Chris W back he had an attitude and admitted he had been driving our vehicle, We also spoke with a sales associate Bob Hally at Prestige Auto that told us that Chris Spears had been showing our KIA for sale. I told Bob The deal was off, We no longer felt comfortable with Chris Spears and would be picking up our car. I called KIA Motor Finance 2/24/15 and they told me there still had been no attempt from Prestige Auto to pay nor had any contact from Prestige Auto. Chris Spears was no longer cooperating with us and went back on everything he had said. We believe that he was trying to sell our car out from underneath us so he could make several thousand dollars from selling our car. It was advertised on several web sites for ($15,895) Chris Spears altered the document date and payoff amount. So I took matters in my own hands and paid KIA Motor Finance off the balance with the savings we had for our closing costs, knowing this may lose our house but at least we won’t lose our car and we would have the title. We went to pick up our car 2/25/15 and Chris Spears would not give it to us unless we paid him $1000.00 CASH. I said I am not paying you anything, You did not do what you agreed to. All you’ve done is rack up mileage on our car. Chris Spears said if we didn’t pay him we would never get our car back. I said you wanta bet. We called the police, Chris Spears left with his fingers in his ears being smart because he refused to listen to a woman anymore. I have documents from KIA Motor Finance that I paid off the loan. I have Title in hand. Chris Spears is hiding my KIA from me and will not return it unless he gets $1000.00 When we were picketing outside of Prestige, Chris Spears wife Kelley Roberson Spears would taunt us by driving back & forth in our KIA giving us and our friends the finger. We have been harassed by Chris Spears with phone calls, messages, text messages and even relationship advice. As of today the 7/16/15 Chris Spears is still hiding our car and will not return it unless I sign a paper that I won’t sue him And he even offered to write it for me. One of his last messages he said he would sell us our car back at no profit. I will not sign anything for Chris Spears because he has no legal right to our vehicle, He is in possession of stolen property.

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