Christianna Peterson Fremont, Nebraksa Nebraska


My ex fiance and I got together in 2008. She was one of his friends that hes had forever so i never paid any mind to her. Our relationship was great, he was an awesome father and things couldnt be any better. In July of 2013 we took a trip to Minnesota for our anniversary. We left a normal couple and came home pregnant. We found out a few weeks later we were expecting our 2nd child. I was beyond thrilled, he demanded I get an abortion. He even offered to pay for it that Friday. Of course I firmly stood my ground and kept the baby. After all, I really wanted another baby. He was very withdrawn and not very interested in the pregnancy or anything to do with me. He began going out more and more with this drunken bar skunt and some other friends. Every night he went out he wouldnt come home and it was always difficult to get ahold of him. He’d close the bars with everyone then continue partying till very early the next day, pass out, come home and sleep the whole day while I take care of our oldest. Frequently he would have scratch marks and hickies on his neck and I would call him out on it. He denied it, said him and friends were roughing around and a coworker would have the same hickie marks on his neck. So I wouldn’t ever question his friends. That monday we attended a card night with some friends and the same coworker was there. Sure as shit he didn’t have ANY type of marks on him so I sat quietly and thought about what I was gonna do. He kept denying it and I couldn’t ever find anything in his phone so I let it go. But I sure didnt forget! || Fast forward to November 2013. A friend of theirs suddenly passed away and they all celebrated by getting drunk and inviting bitches to a bon fire at the river. Christianna was there. So was my ex. One of his friends convinced him to go with him and 2 notorious fremonster whores. They all left and nobody could get ahold of them. The next morning me and the friends wife get together and go to Christiannas house to figure out how we were going to find them. We eventually found them at a whores house and they gave us some bullshit story. Im 5 months pregnant while all this stress is on me, he lied to me about what happened so I slapped him. He, in return, hit me upside the left side of my head with a full cold unopened pop can. All of his friends, including this fat waste of space piece of shit bitch watched and did nothing!!! So we separate for a couple days then I come back home and we talk it out. Once again I let it go but never forget. || New years eve 2013 we got home from his moms house from seeing family. he went to the bathroom but he was in there for a long time so I opened the door and hes texting someone while holding his d**k! I asked him what the fuck let me see what you’re doing. He said he was texting christianna and dropped his phone in the toilet so I couldn’t see what was being said. After that he went crazy! Fighting with me, yelling at me, gave me a black eye and everything! So I take my son and go stay at my dads house. I go home a couple days later after he kissed major ass to get us to come home. || January 19, 2014 he left for job training in Wisconsin. He would be gone four weeks. I was 29 weeks pregnant on the verge of bedrest. Now I was on my own with a 3 year old and a puppy german shepherd. Things were okay, he didn’t really call me or our son, didn’t ever ask about the baby, didn’t care when I was hospitalized with a blood infection that could have harmed me and baby, he was a flat out d**k! February 15, 2014 he arrived home and the first thing he said when he walked thru the door was”I don’t love you I haven’t loved you I cheated on you whole time I was gone and took someone out for Valentines day. You have till tomorrow to move out.” And he went to the casino with Christianna and her brother then partied it up while I was at home pregnant devastated and trying so hard to get him to work it out with me. After I moved my stuff out this bitch started staying the night constantly, they went out drinking a lot and even went on a couple dates. || After a week or 2 of crying over my ex I realized this bitch looks like a bulldog, has 2 kids but looks like a beached whale and drinks her weight in alcohol every weekend. So I began to let go of the past and move on with my life. After I had our 2nd son, he told me he was going on vacation to California for a week and a half. Okay at first I freaked out because he doesn’t support them and says he refuses to pay child support because”Id spend it on other things” so I accepted it because we’re not together anymore. The time comes for his trip and he stops by to see the boys for maybe 5 minutes and threw $45 at me for diapers and wipes then stormed off. He texted me it was cutting into his spending money. Whole time he was gone he would only talk to our son once a day. Then they traveled to Vegas where he got arrested and thrown in jail! Awesome right? Well he finally gets out and calls our son but was an ass the entire time. Then he comes back to Nebraska on Sunday, calls into work so he can sleep in. He took our kids for the afternoon but gives me excuses as to why he cant take them. Come to find out she went on vacation with him! He paid for her plane ticket and all her expenses but cant pay child support! He kicked me and my kids out in tha cold and took everything from me! To this day she has me blocked on facebook and turns the other way when she sees me in public. Im honestly not mad at her. I pity her! Her childrens father isnt around so she wrecked my family! Everybody maintains shes a better woman because she works 2 or 3 jobs and supports her kids but goes out drinking every weekend. I am always home with my kids, I never go out because I have children to take care of. I want this hoe exposed as the homewreckin lying sloppy seconds needin pathetic heffer bulldog lookin bitch she truly is! Since all this has happened I have reconnected with an old flame and things are going amazing!!! Complete difference from dating my ex! So Christianna, enjoy my sloppy seconds. Hes your problem now girl!

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