Christina Espinoza – Sorry not sorry California


Around March of last year (2018) I Noticed my husband acting different. Always on his phone. Not calling me anymore. I’d bring it up but he’d call me crazy. Aug 1st I had surgery, while at home unable to care for myself, he left “to run an errand”. I called & of course it went to voicemail. So I hit the pound button to listen to his messages (which I rarely do) but for whatever reason I did that day. There was messages from a girl talking about he better answer her cuz their relationship won’t work without communication. WTF!?!! So I responded to her message for her to call me. Turns out he’s been seeing her for months. She was apologetic, saying she didn’t know. Which ok, I can respect. UNTIL!! She continued on with him. I caught them several more times. She even messaged me to tell me she just saw him. This time it wasn’t an apologetic Christina. This time, she was laughing about it. Throwing it my face. Saying she’s glad he’s not her husband. She’s constantly call me and text me. There’s a special place in hell for b1tches like this girl! She’s almost 50 years old (49) & this is her life. Complete pathetic. If I didn’t hate her so much I’d feel sorry for how stupid she is!!!

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