Christina Konick Fort Wainright, Alaska Alaska


Im military. I returned from my Afghanistan in April 2012. I got did my best friend. She invited my husband and I to her wedding dinner. Everyone knew me and my husband was married..after all..we were dating during deployment and got married as soon as we got back. Christina Konick was invited to the dinner…she started to flirt with my husband as soon as we sat down. I politely spoke to him and he ignored her…for the time being. That was there first encounter.Maybe a week later, I started my out processing from Fort Wainwright AK. I knew she worked in finance department so she helped me with my paper works..getting my and my husband enrolled in the Married Army Couples Program. YES..she knew we were married.A month later, I PCSed to another oversea location…my husband couldn’t leave with me because he was getting out of the military and has to wait until he was completely out to meet me at my overseas location. She started texting my husband and calling non-stop. Soon they were going to movies with groups and then she started inviting him to her room to ‘play Xbox’. Then they started having sex. I had left my car in Alaska with my husband and he was driving her around in my car, taking her to the gym, to her barracks and kissing her in MY CAR.She told him to leave me because she didn’t like the thought of sharing him with HIS WIFE. like WTF?! ( I didn’t find out about all this until December 2012) when I got pregnant and had a miscarriage from the Sexually Transmitted Disease she gave him.Im still hurt by all this because she knew me, she was invited to me and my best friends dinner/wedding dinner/my going away dinner. And not only did they defy my marriage but she gave him a disease which he passed on to me.As far as where I am now in life, me and my husband are currently still working on our marriage..the marriage that he ruined. I donít know what will happen next, but what I do know is that no woman deserve to go through what I experienced. || Angry/Hurt Female Service Member

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