Christopher Alan Murphy Review


He has contracted with my company, we performed work for him and received many praises from him on the work performed. Additionally he requested thousands of dollars worth of work but still has to pay for the hundreds of dollars worth of work performed for him. My company has kept this mans boat from sinking and more than likely saved a life but what does he do in return, not pay. Also trying to move the boat from place to place to avoid paying bills. Do not do business with this man. He is a liar and a con. I should have looked up his arrest report first, especially since he claims to be in the “security business”! I’m having to write this loss off and turn over to collections. If the guy would even bother to call about his debt we would work something out in good faith but obviously he has none. Give this man, his company, nothing or you will most likely be in the same situation as I. | This man requests services and parts but never pays for them. Chris Alan Murphy is a liar and a con artist. Give him nothing and Beware!!!!

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