christopher watkins


christopher watkins he ripped me off in the name of roads and traffic authority Internet!!. I saw this report and knew that this bloke is the same pig that gave me a hard time about my vehicle he claims he is a law enforcement officer but is only a roads and traffic inspector. He thinks he is a big deal and is a cop. I had to pay as it is my living. he “found” problems with my truck and issued fines he was a total pig in the way he spoke to me he obviously thinks he has all power as he acts like god. I got a speech about control and how he does us all a favour by keeping us under control. He sounds like a serial killer wouldnt be surprised if he had pulled out a gun – he is a nut. I dont want to be identified so havnt complained to rta as i would expect more attention from this idiot. My mates at the pitstops know him well and call him “scarface” he seems to be hated by all.

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