Christy Craven Hewitt Conway, South Carolina South Carolina


We lived in Michigan to start we have been married for 13 years and we have 3 kids. Money was tight so my husband was going down to Myrtle Beach area where his sister owns a business and he was going to work for her. He left in early January. We talked daily everything seemed normal. || He has cheated before so my instincts were not to trust him. He had met women of the internet before so I figured this is what he was doing again for sex. I asked and asked and he denied of course. Well skip ahead to February and I get a phone call from his sister saying he was in the hospital and in ICU. He was beaten with a baseball bat in the head and they didn’t think he was going to make it. So I rush and fly down there and get to his room and some blonde chick is sitting by his side. She asks me if I was me by name and I’m like yeah who are you?  She gives me her name. I didn’t cause a scene because I wasn’t sure what was going on. She got up and left and stayed gone for the whole week I was there. My husband woke from his injuries and I was so thankful that he was given another chance. The next day he told me that the woman who was here with him was kind of his girlfriend! I remained calm but inside I was destroyed because I had just found out I was pregnant with our fourth child so I just sat there. He eventually told me he was sorry and he was coming home as soon as he was released. Everything was going to be ok. Or I thought. Before my plane even landed he told me he hated me and wanted a divorce and that he was in love with this woman. I believe he had brain damage and doesn’t know what he’s doing. || He moved in with her after knowing her 2 weeks. He hasn’t even spoken to his children in 7 months now. I have filed for a divorce. He doesn’t pay child support and the thing is this woman could care less how he treated his wife and children. If he will treat us this way what do you think he’ll do to you? She thinks everything I told her was a lie. And believe me I told her every dirty secret I had on my husband. She had young children of her own and she’s still married as well. She’s a home wrecking whore!

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