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Chrysler Motors LLC Landers Chrysler Dodge and Jeep Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Denial Auburn Hills, Michigan!!. My 2016 Dodge Ram pickup developed a sudden knock and irratic idle on 11/10/2018 as I pull into the Church parking lot in Vivian Louisiana some 49 miles from my home. I drove it home later that day and the following Monday I took it in to Lander’s Dealership Service Department. The Service Manager called me around 4:15 PM that afternoon and said that I had internal engine damage. At that time I was not too worried because my truck has a lifetime powertrain warranty. The service manager asked me for records of oil changes. I told him that I performed my own oil changes and I didn’t bother keeping records or receipts because the vehicle tells me when an oil change is due. He then asked me for receipts to prove that I had purchased oil and filters. I told him that I don’t keep receipts for purchasing oil in fact, I don’t know anyone who does. It was suggested that I check my debit/credit card transactions. Debit or Credit card records do not reflect what was purchased, only the vender. I also went to an Auto Supply store that I frequent and they were unable to provide any assistance. I went to Time-It-Lube and they were able to give me some history of previous oil changes but according to the Service Manager this was not enough. Bottom line is I change my own oil like many others to save money. The warranty states on page 29 that Chrysler cannot deny warranty solely for lack of receipts or for failure to ensure performance of all scheduled maintenance. However this is exactly what they did. I called the Chrysler Service Center and asked for a written statement for the denial of my claim and they flat out refused. This was against their policy.I asked to speak to a supervisor they again refused. I have no other recourse but to contact local, state, and national agencies to help in resolving this matter. I have always performed the majority of the maintenance on all of my vehicles. My Truck has never had any signs of dirty engine oil in the past 3 years that I have owned it. There is no way this happened due to abuse or neglect. My engine oil was clean when it developed problems and it was clean when I took it back to the dealership.

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