CIH Equipment Company Review


The Doctor is in the house – “Dr.” Silver that is. Please do your due diligence before engaging in any kind of interaction with this company, or partner company owned by the “Doctor”, Technical Consignment. Whether it is calibration services, used equipment, vendors or employment. Proceed with caution. | I have witnessed questionable methods at best as well as bizarre, borderline mentally unstable behavior by the owner, Dr. David Silver. This man insists on being addressed only as Doctor, take heed. | In a fit of rage, emerging from something as simple as a slow internet connection or forgetting a password, I have seen him intentionally throw perfectly good equipment to the floor busting it to smithereens to a repetitive lecture on the same subject every single day, repeating, repeating, repeating how brilliant he is and how much he knows. | This is what I know. he is a time bomb, a loose cannon, dangerous. It is my understanding that methods used are not necessarily A2LA, ISO17025 compliant. 99% of the refurbished antique test equipment that is now for sale through his new business Technical Consignment cannot be calibrated. | For the sake and safety for all, do not support this company. There are options, literally hundreds, that do not risk the safetey and health of their clients, employees and peers in the marketplace.


Name: CIH Equipment Company

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Clearwater

Address: 1806 S Highland Ave

Phone: 727-584-5063


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