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Complaint: Randy Farah and Nanci Farah are crooks, scam artists, thieves and much more. They owned/operated Cinamon Productions restaurants in Orange County CA. They requested their contract service providers provide expensive services to their restaurants knowing full well they were closing down 5 days after services were provided. They set us up and scammed us into providing services knowing full well they had no intention of paying for services provided. Knowing full well that 5 days after services were provided they were shutting down all 6 locations. I dont know what you call these kind of characters but most of us would label them theives/crooks/criminals/liars and scam artists. Who does this to people? How can you have a company or companies come in and provide goods or services and shaft them for payment. Would you want this same thing done to you Randy Farah or Nanci Farah? Of course not Get right with God both of you. Find example to set for your children and consumers and service providers. It would be interesting to know if you sit in church on Sundays and go out and scam good harding working foks with small business’s the next week. ANYONE and we mean ANYONE ever considering doing business with Randy Farah or Nanci Farah do not do it. Very dishonest folks VERY!

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: 22342 El Paseo Rancho Santa Margarita, California USA



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