Circuit City munster Indiana Review


AMAZING! I purchased a laptop, printer, internet security and router bundle with a total of 7 rebates being offer, the rebatess took $100 off the purchase price of the laptop and the balance took off the other items actually making them free. My mother bought the same bundle. nWe prepared our rebates at the same time and sent them off through the local post office at the same time. She reviews the website to find that all but one have been received in the five weeks since they were originally mailed and I do all my checking only to find out that NONE, yes – NONE (the were all in separate envelopes and went to different addresses) were supposedly received. This is really unbelievable that now I have to fax or recopy all of the documents and send them off again (this time it will be certified and it will cost me close to $28 but I am going to have to do it – they should pay for that). nI don’t believe that none of these envelopes were received, this is a total scam to get people who don’t follow through and make those of us who do follow through suffer to try to get the money that they promise via a rebate! Never again! The store should have to deal with this since I already did it once! nWhat a pain! Oh, and no one cares about the inconvenience! Is send off hundreds of pieces of correspondence weekly and in the 15 years I have been doing that I have had one say that it wasn’t received, now I send off 7 rebates and NONE were received!!!! Does anyone else have a similar complaint? nBridgettenmunster, IndianaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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