Circuit City Rebates West Chester Ohio Review


I bought (2) Sprint PCS Nokia Phones from a Circuit City in Mason, Ohio – both phones carried a $50 rebate with a 10 week delivery time. I mailed all pertinent information in 1 week after purchasing the phones. I called 3 months later after never receiving my rebates and they informed me that it had been sent months ago. Apparently (although all address info. was correct on every peice of paper I sent) they mailed it to a different city and zipcode. Not only that but they claimed to have record of only one phone purchase. I sent them the receipts and received the first rebate. Then, I waited a couple months for the second rebate and it never came. So I called again and they said they mailed it months ago but to another city (not my city and not the city they mailed it to the first time.) I waited another montha nd called back and they said their system went down and they lost all notes regarding my case. I have since been in touch several times but in eight months have not received my rebate.

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