Cirque Lodge failed me


A “Recovery” Center

Rehabilitation isn‘t something I have been very fond of since I’ve gained maturity and have learned how this world intends to fight off addiction; by giving room to another monster that has taken every kind of luxury with it to make it dominant. Psychology has been regarded as the key factor that has the fulcrum of attention as it “calls for the expulsion of addiction.” Agreeing to this notch, I believe psychology has the bottom line of the solution towards this problem our society has entangled itself into. Yet our world has the aptitude to benefit antithetically from any good they can philosophically and scientifically achieve. Atomic science was introduced in the 20th Century and the human race made an atomic bomb. Simplifying our discussion here, ‘our mortality has made us misuse science in every manner possible.’ 

 Rehabilitation comes at every age and refers to a variety of treatments ranging from personalized care, dual diagnosis, trauma-focused, and 24-Hour Medical care. This article neither supports a detailed discussion of the types of rehabilitation exercises nor the evaluation of different loopholes it keeps in it. There is a need to demarcate how rehabilitation has been targeting the people among us, or if explained with a better explanation, scorning our afflicted. Regardless of this theme, there is a need for a subtle explanation of how rehabilitation comes at a cost. Rehab offers a haven for our neurotics, with a solution of blending into their minds and helps them heal from within their self-sabotaging behavior. I might be seeing rehabilitation centers as a liberator from addiction, yet I have failed to understand that the essence of rehabilitation is the basic savior of us humans. Rehabilitation can become a nightmare for people who have submitted their loved ones for ‘treatment’; it can equally turn an ordeal for the people working within this system. This article shall be convincing its readers how rehabilitation centers have been damaging the principles of rehab itself by targeting the purchasers of the service as well as their apprentices. For convincing, I’d be scrutinizing the system of a recovery retreat – another version of rehabilitation named Cirque Lodge located in the ‘pristine, natural beauty of Utah’s Rocky Mountains.’ 


A Safe Place to Heal and Recover”

Cirque Lodge refers to itself as a perfect spot for recovery. With all offers that it intends to give to its users, it circumstantiates a position within the society. It fails to understand how a person happens to recover from a disease. Similar in this case, Cirque Lodge never thought of it been exposed to reality. Time was what Cirque Lodge had with it to assure their place as a palpable choice. Yet, it passed.

The process of rehabilitation, as much as it is understood by a commoner, requires time and an impeccable synopsis of the inmate. To guide a certain victim towards healing and recovery, it takes a lot of nerve to talk a person out of their concerns. Diminishing the importance of the insight that made an addict is a difficult task. This is how a rehab should operate and target its clientele, with reliability and impartiality. Cirque Lodge never understood the meaning of their excerption, “a recovery retreat providing cognitive and experiential therapies.”  This article needs to highlight how they had failed to implement their motives and goals into practical grounds, considering their methodologies and techniques of helping inmates recover. 


Let the patient decide the ‘medicine’ for themselves

 Cirque Lodge is not a safe place to heal and recover. Rather than targeting the threats faced by a certain addict, they waste their time ‘figuring out’ solutions for them. This statement might seem to you as professionally viable for undertaking a systemized procedure for invigorating a patient. If I need to explain the illicit mindset of Cirque Lodge in this article, the readers need to be more observant of their rules of procedure and mechanism of flow. Considering the statement of ‘figuring out’ solutions seem to be positive at first, this needs more digging into. The awfulness of the rehab system can be taken from the fact that they allow addicts to complete the program without addressing the cause of addiction; which accounts as the root of the problem. As much as I understand rehabilitation, it primarily bases on the antecedent of the problem. Rather than observing the victim on how he undertakes a certain environment for his/her skin, the process of rehab requires the people to understand what and how it led a certain inmate onto such position. Cirque Lodge operates opposite the proposed procedure. With the consensual motive of bringing change in the rehab process and centers, they have been putting more lives on stake. They believe to let the addict decide what to work on. It seems to be a very dreamy method, with no practical grounds. A process can never stand feasible if it works on 2 people out of 10. In science, a hypothesis is stood expedient if it covers the majority of the test positively. Psychology works under the same principle. This explains how the stated process undertaken by Cirque Lodge stands a liability. The atrocity doesn’t take a pause up to this specific; the center and their leaders believe that providing aftercare isn’t necessary to be offered to the victims. This is why our loved one gave their lives up months after Cirque Lodge referred to them as “completely fine” and “fully treated.”  It might be easy for them to exclaim as a ‘carte blanche’ (as stated by their addressors) but this never persuades the people suffering the loss. This can be directed as a failure in providing a full explanation of their procedures. This makes it difficult for the people suffering in every sense on how to find diligence in such circumstances.  




The Royal Pricing of Procedures

 I had to give up $45k for signing a death contract with Cirque Lodge. After such care and ‘carte blanche’, as they refer it to be, our loved ones still fail to survive in this world and eventually lose themselves up in the drill. Even with insurance programs, this place is charged with four time the prices of procedures just for being in the mountains of Utah. Since when have we seen rehab centers been accounted as business enterprises brandishing their ‘products’ with quality? Cirque Lodge has just made them a difficult choice with their intentions of targeting the wallets of their clients. The focus itself moves more to the money than the inmate who needs attention.

It is said that corporate people always find a solution to help them get out of such situations. The leadership of Cirque Lodge has been no less. Their spotlight to the pocket expenses of the client is way above than just absurdity. With the weight on the victims, there is potentially nothing to regard to what they have faced; leaving them no choice but to not discuss their losses. What can do and have done is not recommend this procedure. The system thrives at the same pace as it had been. The corporate power stood victor.




‘Employees’ or ‘Volunteers’ of Rehab?

 There are always two sides of operation whilst we stand in the market. The consumers and the workers are the two pillars of success on which the foundations of a certain business stand and thrive. An uncertainty with one of the pillars can lead to dismantling the system. Just as I exclaimed how Cirque Lodge has been standing accountable for their treatment with their patients, there needs to be a submissive discussion on their employee treatment. In both cases, we shall see the bureaucracy and the management, the major perpetrators of the issue. They have been a “joke” as stated by one of the workers there. Being there, I have seen the employees being suppressed in similar ways as I had been as a customer. This needs more digging as the company has kept its grounds quite intact in the system and has tried its best in keeping their image clean to the basic. 

With better observation and more burrowing into the system, there was a collective issue that was addressed by most of the workers there. Rehab is a difficult process, which can’t be doubted under any circumstances. This is dealt with patience and hence it is the workforce that is the lifter of a certain rehab center. A very simple equation it redeems; good employees, good rehabilitation. Every person reading this article shall agree on the fact that such people do deserve good pay. Unfortunately, with every complaint filed against Cirque Lodge, there was a collective protest of poor reimbursements for their services to the rehab. This is the reason why the owner of the center is a millionaire and most of the administration is his own blood. Considering the paychecks they give to their consumers, this certainly seems to be very criminal in terms of treating their employees. With a mere $12/hr. rate, the company expects its services to be atop and impeccable. It is a deliberate joke, as exclaimed by an employee. 




Another issue that is been addressed by several employees there has a relation with their behaviors and interactions. As stated, they do not “like to interact” with the staff. An administration conducting a center that is personally meant to treat people nicely and help them out from their issues is treating their workers as pawns. It certainly is a questionable act and this also puts a testament over their ridicule behavior. Cirque Lodge isn’t a place for people; it is to suck the most out of them. 


Keeping a “Good” image 

  This accusation isn’t new in terms of discussing how people try to keep their and their company’s image clean to society. If someone intends to visit the pages of Cirque Lodge on Facebook and other social sites, we see it potentially clear from any negative review. The company has kept no place for reviewing their work except for their home page; which is a place consisting of reviews of their own consent. Any review that had any link to their social pages or sites was being removed. These stated ‘accusations’ are proved with certain extracts from their places. It turns out that the imagery problem had been tackled by the company, but it was done so well that it made people like us conclude how the company had made them foolproof to every context that made the ship sink under its weight.



Rehabilitation centers might be seen as a last resort for helping out a loved one if there is nonetheless a choice left to save your loved one from fatality. There is a need to see to brighter and the bigger side of the picture which demonstrates that all that glitters is not gold. Rehab might redeem itself as a solution to people who have been suffering from a lot of pain lately but it is our duty, the people who have discretely observed the system, to help them save themselves from being entangled onto any ferocity. These people would never undermine their capability of getting the most out of their client, which certainly doesn’t seem to be a cause that is set as a goal by a genuine rehabilitation center. Human life is far more important in any case; this makes us get more cautious of the people that are around us under the name of saving our people from getting them killed. Recovery centers like Cirque Lodge have good places to keep their patients but always fail to provide their inmates with the best resources, exhibiting unprofessional attitudes and lack of awareness in keeping a human life safe. It is the responsibility of the administration to be a skeptic for both their patients and the people who work for them. If not taken care of, the foundations are loosened to destruction with every step taken.



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