Cisco Systems Complaint


Absolutely the most horrendous router I have EVER had the ill fortune to own. Got it home, set it up(being I had set others up this was not difficult) all worked well till I turned off my laptop and turned it on again, I had to repair the connection each and every time I turned it on, time after time a good 20-30 minutes of clicking and unplugging and plugging… absolutely a pain in the… well, u get it. I don’t have time for this, I am attending college to earn my PhD, I am studying for hours at a time, long days on campus, I just want to come home after all the head pounding and relax and do my research. So I call for support, the woman I speak to can barely speak English and is obviously reading from a schematic so she is not listening to me, she has me set up another connection, exactly the same way I had previously, and it works… Okay, great. or not… the second I shut it down it is lost again, my ISP router is showing at 5 bars, yet this irritating wireless router skips past it and tries to connect to 4 neighborhood signals that each have one bar… Hello… Houston we have a problem. I repair and unplug and plug and repair, all the while the window keeps popping up to advertise “Network Magic” buy it now and keep the wonderful service going… OMG, Never EVER as long as I live will I ever purchase another problem product from this companyIt is obvious to me, if I do not purchase their “Network Magic” the repair problems will never be solved. To add insult to injury, even though I coded a password in to lock the system from others using it, the map in the system shows a computer that has connected to my system, with no way to deny it access, my only option according to the information that pops up on the screen, is to watch it as a potential intruder, or remove it from the map… Not Deny it Access to my router, just make it so I can’t see it. NICE…!!! It is all about selling me more and more and not about truly providing me with what I purchased, a wireless router that works. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DON’T BUY CISCO OR LINKSYS

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